onsdag den 22. december 2010

quick christmas update

I haven't been posting in what, a week? two? just thought i'd make a quick christmas update.

Christmas is upon us, and i can't wait. It's gonna be great. When i get the time i will post a pre-history to the last post. I don't know if there actually is anybody reading my blog, but i hope that if you do you would give me some tips on how to make this interesting. Do i need pictures? Stories? reviews?? Please help here.

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keep rockin' and merry christmas ;)

torsdag den 9. december 2010

feelin' sad n shit


So... We didn't have physics today, because our teacher quit. Awesome. But i don't feel so good today. Not sick.. just.. Feeling sad. Or something.. Think it's something with an ex-girlfriend. I don't talk to her anymore. At all. Tried to be friends with her once, but she had secrets from me (she already found another) and that pissed me off, so i cut all connections with her. I feel sad.. because this friend, of both me and her, had this picture thing on face book, that said "NUSARH!" which means "cute" or something like that. And he tagged both me and my ex.. and it's just. She doesn't seem to think about me at all. She just lives on. Hasn't tried to contact me a single time. It's like i'm gone to her. But i guess it's my fault. Guess i shouldn't have deleted her from my friend list on facebook, msn and skype or her cell phone number.. I think i kinda miss her. But i try not to care. I think she think i don't.

Actually our relationship was good at the in the start. We had been friends in like half a year. Then i fall in love with a girl from my school, and she says she likes me too. But then she gets together with this other boy, and i'm sad. I'm sad for a week or two, and she's there for me the whole time, and in the end i fall in love with her. I tell her, that she was the one that helped me get over the other girl, and from there she falls more and more in love with me. In a couple weeks we write to each other constantly. I'm insanely in love with her. Then this weekend, where i'm coming home to talk with her, she has to go to this swimming tournament. In the evening before we talk for hours, And in the morning after, she wrote me this message that would nearly make me cry of happiness. Well, i made it through my day, looking forward to write with her, and then i got the text. She had missed me a lot. Well, we wrote the whole evening, just until she had to go to bed. Another passed, and i was watching a movie when she texted me, that she was on her way home. That meant we that we could talk again. Something i had been looking forward to all day. But she wrote that she was tired. And i don't really remember what happened then, but i think i wrote that i had missed her, or that i loved her. She told me not to say that, because she already felt bad about something. She wouldn't tell me what it was, but i insisted. And then she told me.. She had fallen in love with someone else.. From her swimming team.. And the rest you more or less know....

keep rockin'... or at least try

mandag den 6. december 2010

Normal , or not normal?

Hey world.

Today we had about insanity and stuff like that in school. And that really made me think.
Like. Some of the things i do, just as an example, probably isn't normal in other peoples eyes. I'm sure someone from here thinks i'm crazy, but to certain degree. I don't think anybody thinks i'm for real insane. Just a little strange. But sometimes i think about me being insane. Like having OCD. I think i might have that a little. When i walk inside, i like to have my hand on the wall. It's like i'm missing something when not doing it. There are other things that people might think is disgusting and fucked up. Like


i like to masturbate to hentai. And if you don't know what that is: It is japanese porn drawings. And furries, and for those who don't know what that is: A furry is like a cross between an animal and a human. A lot of people think that is disgusting, but to me, it's just a fetich


But i guess it's pretty normal, for some people.

Just a little thinker from Dragon9700

keep rockin'

torsdag den 2. december 2010


Almost weekend! This weekend is going to be f***ing great.

It's only going to be me, two friends, a guy from another room and a girl. I think me and my friends are going to have a lan-party in the drama-hall or the laundry room (because it's warm xD). And maybe we are going to a Blue Van concert! All of that is awesome. Especially the Blur Van thing, because i've never really listened to Blue Van, but not so long ago i found out they are from my city! That's really cool, i think.

Comment and tell me who your favorite band is! :D

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keep rockin'

onsdag den 1. december 2010

random shit

hi! just a quick update!

So the band i mentioned earlier, yeah the one i'm in? They aren't called what i thought. Turns out they didn't want that name, so now  we need a new one. GREAT!! -.-

Anyways. Went home this weekend. Turns out my sister might get on TV next December, which is awesome. I'm doing alright, as always. Things is pretty awesome. Getting used to the snow. Fun running naked in the evening.

anyways. That's all i guess.

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keep rockin'

onsdag den 24. november 2010

full body wax and tiger balm

Hello world.

So far this week has been insane!

First there was my friend who got himself waxed. It was supposed to be a full body, but they only waxed his chest, right under his bellybutton and a little of his ass. I recorded  it, but i think i recorded too much of his ass n' shit, so it probably won't get on youtube, as planned. But it's worth a shot.

Secondly! Last night me and some friends put tiger balm on our balls! If you don't know what tiger balm is, it is a balm that helps on muscles that hurt, and things like that. Thing is, it hurts like FUCK! I don't think i have ever tried something that painful. Especially if you put it in the face, your anus and masturbate with your hand covered in it. NOT a good idea. But it's fun, if you can laugh of other people being in endless pain, while you are too.

And today i practiced with my band for the first time in 2 weeks! It was really great, even though i feel sorry for them: They got the baddest drummer on the school. But it'll probably turn out okay. We're called "Man kan ikke falde ud fra et højhus to gange" which means "You can't fall out of a highrise block twice". I think it's a very good name. To me it has a meaning, but i don't know if the other really gets it. But it's awesome!

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keep rockin'

lørdag den 20. november 2010


It's Weekend! Yay!!

But it's not so cool, when i wake up, saturday morning, too see snow... I really really hate snow. Dunno why really. I think it's because it means that summer is really gone, and i have to wait almost half a year, for it to become warm. And it's so cold, and white. I don't like white that much. I like the dark. It's a much warmer color i think. Even though white and black isn't actually colors, but still xD

But since i'm home this weekend, i'll probably practice on my drumkit, which sucks. But it's the only drumkit i could afford. And it's even third-hand. I bought it used, from someine who bought it used. Good for me.I haven't practiced in over a week, so it'll be good, finally to play a little.

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keep rockin'

onsdag den 17. november 2010

No blog everyday

So, i have decided not to blog everyday. Mostly because i often forget or don't have the time. Sometimes i just don't feel like it. But i'll probably blog sometimes a week. At least twice a week i think.

Anyways! Today we were at a high school, which was really fun, because nothing were really in control, and some of the teachers were idiots. But it was okay, and i kinda look forward to going there tomorrow. We have to sleep there tomorrow, and i don't have a sleeping bag, or anything to lay on, but it probably won't be a problem.

But this just means that we don't really get to have music class, which means no practice with the jazz band ):

That's it for today.

Keep rockin'

søndag den 14. november 2010

Zombie Live!

Yeah, yesterday i didn't have the time to blog, but i do now :D

Yesterday we had a roleplay day. Me and my friends took "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" which was based on the game! It was really scary sometimes, even though the Gamemaster tried to make it more of an adventure roleplay, because of some of the other players, but it was really cool!

About 11 pm Zombie Live started again, this time with fog and make-up. We couldn't see ANYTHING, but me and my friends managed to survive, until they said there was some problems, and it all failed. I don't think it failed, i think it was awesome. But they let some fresh air come in, so the fog would disappear a little. After that we started again, with a little less fog, and no story. It was awesome and intense. My heart was pounding all the time. We kept going until 3 am. Awesome.

That's pretty much it.

Keep rockin'

fredag den 12. november 2010


Sooo.... forgot to blog yesterday >_>

But anyway. Today we had math tests. It was SHIIIIT!! But at least i think i did okay.

But after the test, we had lunch, which was surprisingly good! And! After that i jammed with some friends. They happened to need a drummer because their usual didin't want to, so they asked me! :D Awesome!

Later today it's Zombie time!!! Roleplay. We have to survive as long as possible! It's gonna be awesome!

I don't think there's much else to say, because nobody asked any questions, so yeah.

Just, keep rockin'

onsdag den 10. november 2010

Regular stuff!

So yeah... i forgot to blog yesterday. Mostly because my friend borrows my computer a lot, so i couldn't find the time. And i was sick, so that might have something to do with it xD

Anyways. Today was awesome. Started with math, which was boring (can it be anything else), and then we had like three hours of choir!! That was awesome, i really love choir. It's so fun, and when we give it all we got, it's like the perfect harmony. The first week, choir was the only thing we had, and it was great.

Tomorrow there'll be like more math, so it's probably going to be boring. But! To make my day less boring, here's what i'd like you to do! If there is anything you would like to know about me, then ask me, and i will answer the questions tomorrow. Ask your ass off!

Keep rockin'

mandag den 8. november 2010


Hello. i am not used to making "everyday-blogs," so this might be a bad blog. But anyways!

Today was a surprisingly good day. We are having a Math-week, with math every day, but i actually kinda liked that.

After math me and one of my friends watched "Metalocalypse" until almost 6 pm. And if you don't know what Metalocalypse is, it is a cartoon about a death-metal band, called Dethklok. They are known all around the globe, and they are often the reason why millions of people die. People always die to their concerts. So if you like death-metal and very fucked-up humor, check it out. It's funny as hell.

After dinner me and my friends took a bath, which was extremely fun. I love those guys.

I love being here in this school, mostly because of my great friends. Guys! I love you all!!

Keep rockin'

torsdag den 4. november 2010


Life is a lot of things. Life is beauty and love. It is what we feel, when being happy. It is what we are feeling all the time. It is hatred and anger. It is what we feel, when wanting somebody to die. It is what we are feeling all the time. When we are sad, happy, mad and confused.

A lot of people try to figure out the meaning of life. I say: Don't bother. The meaning with life is irrelevant. If we have someone who loves us, that is enough to live. Everybody has someone, who is destined to be with them, and if not? Fate will take care of that. There is a reason for everything. You die, it was your destiny. But that is not how everyone think it is. Some think that every action has an impact on everything. It can be anything, from choosing not to go to school, to looking to the left, instead of right. I do not. Yes, ones action do have an impact on a lot of things, but i do not believe that if you look to the right instead of left, you can avoid being shot the next day. Fate decides it all.

In life you have to make decisions. Or do you? Have the decisions already been made? I think so. If fate does not want to grant you something you want, you cannot get it. You cannot get rich, if you are fated to be poor. And i don't think the rich would want to be poor. If you do not get to be a famous actor, then you are not destined to be that. If you become a great musician, then fate have granted you that. I want to be a musician, but i do not think fate wants that for me. Normally i would just say "I'm just not a very good musician," but i know, that if fate would want me to become a musician, then i would just have to practice, and work hard. Because even if fate wants something for you, you have to work for it.

That's my view on life. Keep Rockin'!