onsdag den 24. november 2010

full body wax and tiger balm

Hello world.

So far this week has been insane!

First there was my friend who got himself waxed. It was supposed to be a full body, but they only waxed his chest, right under his bellybutton and a little of his ass. I recorded  it, but i think i recorded too much of his ass n' shit, so it probably won't get on youtube, as planned. But it's worth a shot.

Secondly! Last night me and some friends put tiger balm on our balls! If you don't know what tiger balm is, it is a balm that helps on muscles that hurt, and things like that. Thing is, it hurts like FUCK! I don't think i have ever tried something that painful. Especially if you put it in the face, your anus and masturbate with your hand covered in it. NOT a good idea. But it's fun, if you can laugh of other people being in endless pain, while you are too.

And today i practiced with my band for the first time in 2 weeks! It was really great, even though i feel sorry for them: They got the baddest drummer on the school. But it'll probably turn out okay. We're called "Man kan ikke falde ud fra et højhus to gange" which means "You can't fall out of a highrise block twice". I think it's a very good name. To me it has a meaning, but i don't know if the other really gets it. But it's awesome!

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keep rockin'

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