mandag den 8. november 2010


Hello. i am not used to making "everyday-blogs," so this might be a bad blog. But anyways!

Today was a surprisingly good day. We are having a Math-week, with math every day, but i actually kinda liked that.

After math me and one of my friends watched "Metalocalypse" until almost 6 pm. And if you don't know what Metalocalypse is, it is a cartoon about a death-metal band, called Dethklok. They are known all around the globe, and they are often the reason why millions of people die. People always die to their concerts. So if you like death-metal and very fucked-up humor, check it out. It's funny as hell.

After dinner me and my friends took a bath, which was extremely fun. I love those guys.

I love being here in this school, mostly because of my great friends. Guys! I love you all!!

Keep rockin'

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