lørdag den 20. november 2010


It's Weekend! Yay!!

But it's not so cool, when i wake up, saturday morning, too see snow... I really really hate snow. Dunno why really. I think it's because it means that summer is really gone, and i have to wait almost half a year, for it to become warm. And it's so cold, and white. I don't like white that much. I like the dark. It's a much warmer color i think. Even though white and black isn't actually colors, but still xD

But since i'm home this weekend, i'll probably practice on my drumkit, which sucks. But it's the only drumkit i could afford. And it's even third-hand. I bought it used, from someine who bought it used. Good for me.I haven't practiced in over a week, so it'll be good, finally to play a little.

Oh yeah, i've joined this AdSense-something, so if you want to support me, please click an ad or two. Or maybe do it some times a week ;)


keep rockin'

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