søndag den 14. november 2010

Zombie Live!

Yeah, yesterday i didn't have the time to blog, but i do now :D

Yesterday we had a roleplay day. Me and my friends took "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" which was based on the game! It was really scary sometimes, even though the Gamemaster tried to make it more of an adventure roleplay, because of some of the other players, but it was really cool!

About 11 pm Zombie Live started again, this time with fog and make-up. We couldn't see ANYTHING, but me and my friends managed to survive, until they said there was some problems, and it all failed. I don't think it failed, i think it was awesome. But they let some fresh air come in, so the fog would disappear a little. After that we started again, with a little less fog, and no story. It was awesome and intense. My heart was pounding all the time. We kept going until 3 am. Awesome.

That's pretty much it.

Keep rockin'

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