mandag den 17. januar 2011

Chick attack.

SO. Was attacked this friday.. By a girl.. She got mad in the train because she thought we made too much noise. Not just a little annoyed, no. She got really fucking pissed off. I couldn't really take her seriously, so i laughed and she hit me. When we got off the bus, she followed us and attacked me, Didn't get injured too badly. Got away with a black eye.. And a scarred mind. People here at the... Boarding school? I think. Some of them laugh at me. Last night this one guy in particular couldn't stop laughing because "You got beat up by a girl!". But of course. He didn't know that i didn't fight back.. At all. I didn't even try. And most people don't understand. This morning one guy actually asked me why i didn't do anything. I didn't know. The only people who actually said i did a good thing, not hitting her, was my mom and one of my very good friends. Which kind of lead me to the next thing, which i am kinda ashamed off... This sounds really childish, but i want my mom. I miss her really much, and she's like the only one who understands me.. Right now i just want people to leave me alone.. I wanna go home. I don't want to be here right now.. But i have to. I'm going home next weekend.

Well then.. A little drama to my life, bad Psyche all that shit. Maybe someone will start to read this soon. 

Have a nice day..

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