fredag den 25. november 2011

I am bored..

So. I am extremely bored right now. I'm in a Skype-call with some friends, but they are playing Skyrim. Both of them. And they are commenting on just about everything, so I'm kind of just sitting here not doing anything. So i decided i would post this, with some of the thoughts I've had through the week(s). Most of them are about how school sucks, but i think there is some which isn't.

Anyway, i had a thought: If there is anything "supernatural" what would it? Personally i think I'm starting to believe in Gaia (or however you spell it) or "Mother nature". Especially because it makes the fact that i hate homework more tolerable. If you think of it this way: If Mother Nature wanted me to do homework all my life, wouldn't she have given birth to me with a pencil and paper? I would if that was what i wanted for everybody. Of course there's also the more 'Humoristic' (or something) part of it. Like, if Mother Nature wanted me to bathe, wouldn't she have given birth to me in a lake? So i or something like that. At least it would make it come more natural.

 That is sort of one of the reason why i want to live in a camp or something. Where people don't care about hygiene or if you're wearing the same shirt for the 5th day in a row. How awesome would that be? That would wonderful, not having to change your clothes all the time. I'm just tired of all the 'chores' you have to do. Why is it, that i can't just do what i want? I don't want to do any of this.

I'm just sitting here, in my chair, "talking" to some friends. Well, it's not really talking, since i'm not saying anything. I'm listening to Volbeat while half-following their conversation, which in itself is hard enough, considering my current state of mind. I just want to retreat. Into myself. I do not desire going to school. Nor do i deserve. I don't want to sit home all day, partly because i know it's depressing. Considering i hardly have any friends, i don't want to go outside either. When you look at me in comparison to an average teenager:

When all the others are out drinking, partying and generally having a good time, I am sitting at home playing.

When all the others are doing their homework and preparing for school, I am sitting on my computer playing.
When all the others move away from home and get families and a job and have a good life, I will be sitting on my computer playing.

I have no life, nor do i desire one. 

As i just read in a "friends" blog, if i don't get good grades, i won't be able to do anything, and that is bullshit. I can be better than everybody at something, but i need to get good grades in something completely irrelevant to be able to do that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY. I think it's all bullshit and a part of the systems plan to keep us down... 

Anyway i can feel that i might cry, so until next time!

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