tirsdag den 8. november 2011


Yeah. This is the first time i'm blogging in, what, a year? Close at least. I just felt like doing this shit after i saw a friends blog. Or, i don't know if it's a friends, but at least a friend of a friend's blog. 

He wrote something about being scared of picking subjects in school, and that made me realize for the 6th time: I really don't give a shit. 

School, to me, is hell. I never do anything. I barely do my homework. I turn in most of my assignments, but when it says i should use about 2 hours on it, i use 15 minutes. It's boring and it's a waste of my precious time.

And it doesn't help that i just found out that the rules suck too. We have this internet thing where we have to turn in all of our assignments, so we don't get put in "homework prison", or whatever. And i am alright with this. Problem is, that one of the teachers says she also want them turned in, by hand. And i personally think that that is fucking bullshit. Why the fuck would they use the internet for stuff like that, when the teachers can just say they want it turned in by hand, and then we have to do it. It's fucking bullshit. I don't want to turn in my assignments twice. Just because one fucking teacher has to do it her bull-fucking-shit way. And did i mention that we aren't allowed to swear in her classes? We aren't. We can't swear at all! Or she'll send us outside the door, and say that we weren't there for about 50% of the time. It's fucking bullshit!

Because of this, i'm really considering dropping out. But since my mom will probably get really really pissed at me, if i do, i've also thought of moving. I even have a friend who said i could live with him. But i don't want to bother him. Nor his family. And in the end, i'm probably going to finish school and shit. Even though i am truly fucked. So far, i haven't been listening to anything. I'm just staring blankly into space, or writing notes. And when i write notes, i miss about half of everything. It's all bullshit anyway. I just want to play my music. 

All of this reminds me of when i blogged more. Or when i just made like two or three posts all in all. They would be like 1,5 pages long, because i just kept thinking about random shit. But i don't want to talk about that now.

I think that's about it for this one.. Fucking teachers. They can just go fuck themselves. Except my mother. She's cool

Anyway, i didn't think i would ever make a new blog post, but yeah.
Until next time!

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