fredag den 11. februar 2011

That special someone

So, hey world. You know that feeling you get when you're with that special someone, and they don't know how you feel? That tickling feeling in your stomach? The way your hands get all sweaty and you feel like you're high? How it feels like the room gets ten times hotter than before? That feeling that says 'Tell her! Tell her now!' that's arguing with other one that says 'She don't like you. It's a silly dream. Nobody likes you. Nobody ever will'? The way you get both sad and happy thinking about her? 

Well i have that now. I think i'm in love. With this girl from my school. This beautiful and sweet girl. She's just so perfect in my eyes. I don't know what to do. It's like 'She'll never like me!' Especially because she could get any guy she would want. There's no way i'd ever get a girl like that. There's no way i'd ever get a girl... And i don't know why i'm even writing this. Probably because i want somebody to know about this.. So yeah. I just needed to get it out. 

That's it for today.. Sorry for not being active, but yeah. too much thinking, sleeping, school, games, music, etc etc etc. and no time. Probably won't be more active from now on, but yeah. I'll post once in a while

keep rockin'