mandag den 5. marts 2012

Long time no see lol

What has it been? Like 2 months? That's probably it. And last time I was whining about some girl and how I thought I loved her? Yeah.
She's my girlfriend now. It's a long-distance relationship, but I like it. I haven't been this happy in a really long time. We are celebrating our 2nd month together next Friday, and I must say that it's been some of the best months in my life. I really love her, and she loves me. And even though we are kind of far away from each other, I think it will work out. Despite of the fact that my family aren't supporting me in any way and think we will break up before long. Especially because of the age difference there is between us. Yeah she's kinda of younger than me. But I don't care, because it doesn't make her any less wonderful. And anyone who doesn't approve can just go fuck themselves.. And the most amazing thing is that we met in a game of League of Legends! 

But yeah, I feel so much better than I did last time. Even though I am doing horrible in school, and I can't think of anyone but my girlfriend, I am better than ever. I also think I might blog some more!
And remember how the most random events, can change your entire life. When life seems to be going downhill, just remember that it might just be the first of some events to change your life completely. For the better. 

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