fredag den 25. maj 2012

Road to perfection

I was at bandpractice last night, and shit was pretty fun. I got drunk again and I was playing worse than ever. Tumbling around like an idiot, and I actually told the rest of the band my situation. The drummer was like 'meh', but the singer actually comforted me a bit. And the guitarist didn't say anytihng, but that's okay, since he is my best friend, and I write with him every day. 
And today I decided to stay home from school, because I felt really weird and tired. And I am hurt pretty much everywhere. But I am sober now, and I am feeling really weird. Like I am trying to deny the fact that I was in love. Trying to look at all the bad things about my ex. Like 'she would be bitching all the time when we played LoL' or 'she wasn't even that attractive'. But this is really a lie. Because I loved her. And she was attractive, to me. To me she was pretty much perfect. Which is why it hurt so much. I can feel that I'll start crying if I write more of this shit. So yeah, just a quick update or whatever.

Also, my band is recording next monday, so I'll try getting the songs up when we get them. 

Until next time. o/

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