torsdag den 4. november 2010


Life is a lot of things. Life is beauty and love. It is what we feel, when being happy. It is what we are feeling all the time. It is hatred and anger. It is what we feel, when wanting somebody to die. It is what we are feeling all the time. When we are sad, happy, mad and confused.

A lot of people try to figure out the meaning of life. I say: Don't bother. The meaning with life is irrelevant. If we have someone who loves us, that is enough to live. Everybody has someone, who is destined to be with them, and if not? Fate will take care of that. There is a reason for everything. You die, it was your destiny. But that is not how everyone think it is. Some think that every action has an impact on everything. It can be anything, from choosing not to go to school, to looking to the left, instead of right. I do not. Yes, ones action do have an impact on a lot of things, but i do not believe that if you look to the right instead of left, you can avoid being shot the next day. Fate decides it all.

In life you have to make decisions. Or do you? Have the decisions already been made? I think so. If fate does not want to grant you something you want, you cannot get it. You cannot get rich, if you are fated to be poor. And i don't think the rich would want to be poor. If you do not get to be a famous actor, then you are not destined to be that. If you become a great musician, then fate have granted you that. I want to be a musician, but i do not think fate wants that for me. Normally i would just say "I'm just not a very good musician," but i know, that if fate would want me to become a musician, then i would just have to practice, and work hard. Because even if fate wants something for you, you have to work for it.

That's my view on life. Keep Rockin'!

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